7 Mistakes To Avoid when Creating An Online Store!

Starting an e-commerce business and creating a professional online store where you can sell online and promote your products and services – whatever their type – is no longer difficult at all; it has become very easy for all merchants, service providers and product manufacturers as well, especially with great technological development and widespread deployment. For electronic commerce all over the world.

The proliferation of a large number of companies specialized in the development of professional e-stores has also helped in the dreadful spread of e-commerce. These platforms offer excellent marketing offerings and also help you create a professional online store at a very low cost, and there are many, on top of which is the “Kibo code” platform.

While owning a professional e-store and starting to work in e-commerce is easy, success in this activity and good management of the e-store is not as easy as many expect, owning the store is only an initial step towards success in this area.

Thus, the management of the e-store needs more work and knowledge of past successful experiences, and identify strategies for success in e-commerce and work to apply within the store.

Accordingly, in this report on the blog “The Kibo code” we tried to compile the most common common mistakes that many traders make when creating a professional e-store; these errors must be taken and avoided completely, in order to achieve the e-shop goals effectively.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating An Online Store

Online Store

Based on our experience in launching professional e-stores for a large number of merchants as well as in-depth browsing of many e-stores around the world, we discovered a range of common mistakes made by many e-shop owners, which negatively affect the proportion of sales of their stores.

Some of the most common mistakes made by some when creating a professional online store include:

1. Lack of care for product description:

All online store owners and online retailers should know that the description of the product is one of the most important elements that play an active role in selling the product, which strongly urges the shopper to make a purchase decision and desire to buy the product.

Accordingly, e-shop owners should pay close attention to product descriptions professionally in a way that helps increase store sales and turnover.

One of the most common mistakes made by many merchants, e-shop owners and online sales sites when creating an e-store is to ignore the role of product descriptions in increasing sales on their stores, and therefore pay no attention to them in their e-stores.

2 – Lack of images associated with products and low quality:

Product images are among the factors that sell the most, which drives the shopper towards the completion of the demand for the product to get it; images are one of the most important initial attractions that attracts the shopper to browse the product by entering his own page on the e-store.

Attention to the images associated with the product is one of the actions that all e-shop owners should do and dedicate part of their marketing efforts in this direction. Attention to product images focuses on two main parts, the number and quality of images.

Many of the owners of online selling sites neglect this very important factor in increasing the sale on their stores, find some of them publish one or two images of the product and see others do not care about the quality of the image associated with the product, and see others neglect the workers.

3 – Company or store contact information:

One of the mistakes that merchants make when creating a professional e-shop is not to include e-shop contact information, such as smart phone or landline numbers, fax numbers of the company owning the store, or e-mail through which all customers can contact the owners of the company. Or customer service.

The availability of contact information and locate the e-store on the ground, is one of the most important factors that increase the confidence of customers in the e-store and reassuring in them when dealing with this store or that.

4 – chaos in the use of colors and fonts in the design of the store:

One of the most notable mistakes made by many online store owners and online selling sites worldwide is the messy design of the website or e-store.

If you notice that a large number of merchants use many colors as well as large lines in the design when creating an e-store, which plays an effective role in distracting the attention of shoppers inside the store as well as the difficulty in accessing the terrifying products inside the store.

The simplicity of the e-store design and the simple, uncomplicated design that helps all shoppers of all intellectual or mental levels are always advised to easily deal with the store and easily access the product they are looking for as quickly as possible. This requires traders to choose the company that will be responsible for designing and creating an online store.

5 – Do not configure the store to appear in search engines:

One of the most important elements that help any selling site on the Internet and any e-store around the world in achieving its marketing objectives, is the preparation of this site or that for the audience in the global search engines, led by the global search engine Google.

Configuring the store here means complying with all Search Engine Optimization rules, so that all shoppers can reach your store by simply searching on any of the different search engines, for any product or service from the services on your store.

Creating search engines is one of the tasks that many merchants overlook when creating an online store, which negatively affects their sales and conversion rates.

6 – not to provide more than one means of payment

A common mistake that many people make when creating an online store is to provide only one way for all customers and shoppers to pay for their orders from the store, and to activate the importance of providing more than one payment method in increasing sales and increasing the conversion rate.

Providing only one means of payment means that all customers of the store, regardless of their location and purchasing habits, must have the same means available, and this is not theoretically or practically, and this is reflected negatively on sales as well as the proportion of profits.

7 – Lack of the possibility of searching within the store

E-stores in different shapes and nature of work, must be concerned first of all to provide a pleasant and easy and interesting shopping experience for all its customers and shoppers; a desire to raise the degree of customer loyalty and attachment to the store, which in turn to achieve the desired objectives of the store whatever.

Being able to search within the store on any of the products available inside, is one of the most important ingredients to provide a pleasant and easy shopping experience for the customer, as the store may contain thousands of products and therefore it is difficult for the shopper to browse all these products to reach the desired or appropriate product.

Overlooking this feature is one of the most common mistakes that many people make when creating their own online store, but with a search box inside the online store, all shoppers can easily access the products they want, thus achieving an in-store shopping experience.

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