Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2020!

Recently, cryptocurrency trading has spread to a very large extent, due to the amazing development that has occurred and because of the huge profits made by these currencies.

So in this article we will mention the best cryptocurrencies for investment 2020 that you can trade and profit from them, and we will mention the companies and platforms that you can deal with.

What are cryptocurrencies?

If you are a novice in this field, you must first learn about the meaning of cryptocurrencies. You can buy them against the US dollar or any other currency, and sell them against any other currency.

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2020!

Trading in cryptocurrencies has entered almost as much development and experience since 2011, and the first currency to make a big bang was the famous bitcoin, and its price increased many times in 2013, and then the price of thousands of dollars.

So we can say that Bitcoin is the basis of trading in cryptocurrencies, but there are other cryptocurrencies that have been as successful as Bitcoin, and yes are not the same success, but the market is constantly evolving especially with the entry of many companies in the field of trading, these are the most important cryptocurrencies that You can trade in:

Bitcoin BTC: Bitcoin is still the largest cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market in general, and although other cryptocurrencies have been launched but Bitcoin is still on the throne of digital currencies and will not drop easily, and the price of Bitcoin at the time of writing this article is $ 9.303.

Yttrium ETH: This currency is one of the most traded electronic currencies around the world, which occupies the second place in the amount of trading, which is an important currency where large companies around the world invested in it such as Samsung and Intel and more than 80 other investment companies, and the price of this currency at the time of writing This article is $182.

Litecoin: It is one of the currencies that have a large amount of trading as well, and is expected to see this currency a great development in the near future, the price of this currency at the time of writing this article is 58 dollars.

Dash: Dash currency is one of the easiest currencies that can be traded, it gives excellent profit, which is very stable because it is based on a decentralized network with transactions will not get any cancellation, which is a small version of Bitcoin and expected to evolve as well, and the price of these The currency at the time of writing is $ 72.

EOS: It is also a strong currency and will develop, and the price of this currency at the time of writing the article is $3.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

As we mentioned the most important currencies you can trade, these are the most important platforms you can trade with:

Binance: The most famous platform around the world due to its huge trading volume, and with this platform you can trade on the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020.

TGMFX Platform: This platform is one of the best and easiest and latest trading platforms and has branches in many countries including Europe, Asia and America as well as branches in Australia, and is characterized by great accuracy in financial transactions.

XTB Platform: A platform known as Xstation and is easy to handle and features that you can change and modify the interface.

Bitterx Platform: It is also one of the most famous platforms in the circulation of cryptocurrencies, which is an American company in the base and there are many cryptocurrencies not found on other platforms.

Poloniex Platform: It is characterized by being easy to deal with margin system and there is a high amount of trading on cryptocurrencies.

HitBTC Platform: a popular platform that does not require verification of your personality and you can deposit from cryptocurrencies themselves and not dollars.

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