What Are The Steps In The Marketing Process?

Marketing is defined as the process of transferring a product or service from the seller to the buyer

Marketing Basics


1: Product
2: Price
3: Promotion
4: Location

For the success of the mutual benefit process to be available:

Each party must possess something of value to the other

Each party must have the ability to communicate with the other

The willingness of the exchange process on both sides


Many believe that creating a good product is a difficult process to achieve, but we say that this is not true.

The most successful products can be made by yourself, and each of us has special skills that distinguish it from others, and these skills, usually not available to everyone, and often these skills have a market Here, you can use these skills to create your own product, and the more distinctive this product is and there is not much competition in its field, the greater the chances of marketing success on the Internet.

The Internet makes your website open to the world. Try to keep all other languages ​​and cultures in mind when marketing. Do not limit your products to a specific category or market if you have the opportunity to view your product more broadly.

First: Find competitors

Before you begin, you should look for competitors in the same field, set a schedule to assess competition, determine the value or comparative advantage of your product, and in addition your product level must exceed the customer’s expectations, an important step to make this customer itself Market your product.

Second: Developing a Website:

We come to the second step is to develop a website dedicated to marketing the product, in which it must be taken into account that everything in the site urges and motivates the visitor to buy the product, and the formulation of words is the most important marketing tool you have, the right words are that turn visitors into customers, or may make them go to Other sites and never return to your site.

Formulating the right words here is the basis of your work, and the way to turn the visitor to a customer depends entirely on the method of persuading you, and the mental image you draw him about the product, and the site should not be exaggerated in the designs and decorations, the more simple the better.

When creating the site address the visitor directly, identify the problem and talk about it and show your product as if it is the best solution to this problem.

Talk about the product in detail, and keep in mind that every word, title, or sentence you write on the site should suggest the quality of the product, its many benefits and the preference of this product from other competitors’ solutions. And product craftsmanship.

Third: Marketing Plan:

The marketing plan consists of long-term and short-term policies.

Short-term policies: The main objective is to increase the demand on the site, which is required and important at the beginning of the site launch, but do not be satisfied with these policies alone to ensure a good demand on the site in the long run, where you can resort to advertising the site of your product on other sites Or other media, discussion forums, or search engines can also be used for advertising.

These policies are indispensable if you want real sales of your product, and this can be achieved through good and updated content on the site continuously, provide a number of free services for visitors to the site, prepare a list of names Visitors to send periodic newsletters to them.

It should be noted here that the marketing plan contains a variety of short and long-term policies will ensure the site a continuous and permanent and increasing demand from visitors interested in the product, and this facilitates the process of converting them to customers and thus increase sales.

There are 7 key elements to successful e-marketing

1. The main key is to design a professional and more diverse website: which allows you to deal with your accepted content through the home, or through several different devices, for example through the design of your site through (WordPress) It helps you to design your pages with the least possible, and the lowest levels of professionalism, and also design WordPress may give you some features, such as the use of Microsoft Word, and all these features provided by WordPress help you to modify and add to your site without much effort and also the least physical possibilities.

2. Always provide your content regularly and keep it up to date

Another indispensable element is that you always display new content on your site, because constantly updating the site makes customers always accept your site, and work to see its content, and must also be content Do not make a place for your affiliations or biases of anything that is inside the content displayed on the site, but try as much as possible to put content that helps to interact with existing or expected customers.

3- Work to build an uninterrupted torrent of visitors to your site

This is one of the most important basics in e-marketing, because we do a large flow of content displayed within our site, to work to see it from anywhere on the Internet, for example, we make videos of our product and display them on a site such as YouTube, Our site is linked to YouTube, which contributes to the dissemination of our products, and makes it easy for customers to access your website, and always renew your articles whether you put it on your site or blog through which you display your products.

4- Marketing your products automatically

The fourth core is to try to monitor your site, find out which customers are interacting with your products significantly, and then identify those customers and put them in their own schedules and work to meet their needs, and oversee the site to make them feel interested in them, and then get the benefit of marketing Your product to them, and also to ensure that your site is equipped to respond to them and market the product to them automatically.

5 – Work to develop and update the company’s pages on social networking sites constantly

The fifth key is to make customers feel a sense of belonging to your social media pages.This is done by integrating or consolidating what is published through these pages, whether through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, as well as through Publish product videos on certain pages or specialized channels on YouTube in agreement with their owners, or through advertising on several other sites are also widespread.

6 – Work on the implementation of monitoring systems and follow-up to the website and your pages on social networks continuously

The sixth key is to understand and make use of the tools that help you check your pages, and these analyzes may be provided by Google, which you can use through your computers, in order to work to increase the service and welfare of customers.

7. Make your conversions optimized and good

The seventh and final basis is by taking many training courses on your field, and also to determine the strategy that will deal with your customers for the first time, and also through the experience gained, you can deal with customers positively and can develop your site and meet their needs constantly .


E-marketing has become one of the necessities of life in our society today. Hundreds of millions of users connect to the Internet every day from all over the world.

Therefore, e-marketing is one of the most important and latest marketing methods that have a significant impact in increasing profits and opening new markets for companies at the lowest costs and as soon as possible.

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