Why Learning Chinese Language is Important In 2020?

Do you dream of reaching a prestigious job in major companies after graduation or before? Are you looking for a skill to ensure your appointment after college?

Do you want to learn a new language other than English to allow yourself to work in other areas more distinct than those provided by English to those who are fluent in Egypt ?!

Why not start learning Chinese? Your learning of that language is more assured than any medium you are looking for for employment. Adding it to your CV makes you stand out from other applicants.

This is what qualifies you to get many job opportunities before you graduate from university, which is also what you achieve what you wish for everyone in your age is the early financial independence from the family … Will miss the opportunity ?!

Why learn Chinese without the other languages ​​in 2020

In the section below I will give you a set of reasons that I think are strong reasons to learn Chinese:

1. Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​after English, spoken by one fifth of the world’s population, more than one billion people, from Beijing in the north to Singapore in the south.

Your proficiency in this language gives you the opportunity to travel and engage with the people of neighboring countries of China, which is home to a small proportion of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Imagine that you are fluent in the language spoken by a billion people on the planet, doesn’t that mean much at the practical and cultural level as well.

2. Because the power of language is closely linked to the strength of the state’s economy, the Chinese language predicts a great deal of potential spread in the near future, especially as China is the second largest economic power in the world after the United States.

It has also become a trading partner for many countries, which drives many to learn the Chinese language to learn about the culture of that people, which had an impact on the establishment of a major economic power impressed everyone.

3 – learning is not difficult

Chinese is the last remaining pictorial language in the world, containing hieroglyphics, which puts it in a privileged position from current languages.

Learning is not as difficult as you can imagine. You are not required to learn how to write it literally, but it is enough to learn how to speak and read it.

Chinese does not have a conjugation of verbs such as English and French, so you do not need a lot of time to memorize the conjugation of each verb according to the times, but just add a certain date or timing to your sentence to indicate the time.

It is also nice to learn Chinese that you are not required to memorize most of its words, you only need to memorize between 2000 to 3000 words in order to be able to speak or read a novel or a book in Chinese.

See? It’s very simple.

For the simplicity of Chinese, you can use the same word to express both singular and plural. For example, the word “cat” in English is “cats” while in Chinese you can express both words with one word, 一只 猫It is pronounced “mao”.

4. China has good relations with most Arab countries

China is one of the giant countries in the world that has good relations with most Arab countries, or let’s say there is no enmity between them and the Arab countries in general, and this works in the interest of those who would like to learn the Chinese language, where good relations between countries open opportunities for cultural, economic and educational exchange, Participatory programs, grants… etc.

5- Easy travel to China

Compared to the United States and European countries, travel visa to China is easier to obtain for citizens of most Arab countries, and this is a very good feature and a strong reason to learn Chinese and travel to China.

6. Identify product secrets (Made in China)

“Made in China” is a word written on most of the things we use in our lives… Imagine you can understand this language, go to Chinese websites to learn about the prices of these products in China, and the technology and science behind the manufacture of these products.

Your Chinese learning will open up treasures of information that by its intelligent exploitation can make a fortune.

Opportunities you can get by learning Chinese

As the Chinese economy grows stronger day by day, the opportunities you can gain are unlimited if you master that unique language. Here are some of the most important ones:

1- Work in major companies

Due to China’s growing economic clout, it has become the largest trading partner of our Arab countries, opening the way for companies to hire fluent Chinese speakers to build stronger business transactions by attracting investors and interacting with the Chinese market.

Therefore, your proficiency in Chinese gives you the advantage of winning job opportunities in any of these companies, and qualifies you for the job market more regardless of your academic qualification.

If you want to enter the tourist field, you will have many jobs, including working as a tour guide in a museum or tourism companies, or through your work as a translator for Chinese groups in any of the well-known hotels.

2. Translation

This is an interesting area that generates a very satisfactory income, especially if you have the skill to speak a different and distinct language other than English and French.

Your proficiency in Chinese not only opens the door for you to work in major translation offices or companies, but also as an interpreter for UN institutions.

This enables you to engage in a multilingual and multicultural environment, and to connect with politicians from different countries, thus offering you many professional opportunities at the international and local levels.

If you prefer freelance online as a freelance translator, this will also give you a higher income by creating your own profile and displaying it on Arab freelancers as five and freelancers, or through foreign platforms like Pfeiffer and Guru.

3. Teaching languages

Did you know that the profession of teaching languages ​​in our Arab countries has become professions that generate a large income, especially for university students and fresh graduates.

All you have to do is get a course on how to teach the language you want to teach for all ages, and you can get such a course online and will only take one month.

If you are fluent in English, this is an advantage, but if you are fluent in a different language such as Chinese, English is now spoken by many of us.

Our teaching opportunities in the Arab world will become increasingly demanding over time, so whatever field you work in, you can turn your language skills into an additional source of income.

By working as a lecturer or teacher in one of the educational institutions specializing in language teaching, which provides very satisfactory salaries to those who have another language that enables him to teach it, full-time or temporary.

You also have the opportunity to teach Chinese through the educational platforms that many go to learn different languages ​​online such as italki, which allows you to teach through it.

Money is transferred to you via PayPal and the platform helps you prepare content in the form of short videos that suit the learner.

Not only that, it opens the way for you to teach your Arabic to Chinese speakers by joining a volunteer program offered by many international volunteer organizations that offers young people many opportunities to travel.

4. Win a scholarship or travel within cultural exchange programs

Learning Chinese is easy for you to travel to East and Southeast Asia, especially if you intend to apply for a cultural exchange program organized by the embassies of these countries for young people from different countries, including our Arab countries.

The language factor will increase your chances of accepting these programs, which allow you to travel completely free, which allows you to learn about the largest ancient cultures in history, as well as communicate with different ethnicities without the need for an interpreter.
In addition, you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and apply for scholarships, whether for bachelor, master or doctoral programs, which are offered by the largest and most prestigious Chinese universities for young people from the Arab region.

Especially those who are fluent in Chinese where their acceptance rates are higher than others, which qualifies them to fulfill their dream of studying abroad in any discipline they want, and in a country that ranks 25th in the list of the best countries in the world in education for 2017.

In the end, I would like to remind you that, contrary to popular belief, the Chinese language is not difficult, but different because of the simplicity of its rules compared to the rules of other languages ​​such as English and German.

It is also the language of the future because of the strength of the economy, which makes it a strong competitor to English (the language of the twentieth century), and now we are clearly seeing the expansion of China’s commercial influence in the twenty-first century, which confirms to us that Chinese is the language of the new century.

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